How do we account for previously unknown return of capital (ROC) or other changes in the current year?

Andrew Skujins -

Here is the catch-all approach we suggest to accommodate any situation, including when forex is a factor. Shortcuts may apply.
  1. In the P/Y file, go to the Journal Entry tab, and copy the summary JE at left to a new sheet/document. (Your "before" figures.)
  2. In the P/Y file, go to the Worksheet tab, and make the detailed changes required. This would potentially include adjusting the amounts of four unknown distributions to actual, and/or adding four new ROC transactions at the bottom of the sheet.
  3. Back to the P/Y Journal Entry tab, copy the summary JE next to the "before" figures. Subtract these two columns, and you'll have a comprehensive summary of net changes (which could include currency and asset gains/losses, for example).
  4. Copy the revised transaction data from the P/Y worksheet to your fresh worksheet for the current year, and continue with the correct ACBs, etc. If you've already started entering current year data, then use a fresh file, and just copy and paste (as values) the relevant data from both sheets.
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