How are dates determined in the Loan Amortization Worksheet?

Andrew Skujins -

The calculations are driven by the total number of payments with dates provided for convenience only.

For ease of use, payments dates are applied to the year under ideal conditions, such that a year is comprised of exactly 365.25 days, or 52 weeks, or 12 months (as needed).

The following periods repeat on the day of origination:

  • 1 payment per year (annual)
  • 2 payments per year (semi annual)
  • 4 payments per year (quarterly)
  • 12 payments per year (monthly)

The following periods are applied to the year with rounding:

  • 24 payments per year (semi-monthly)
  • 26 payments per year (bi-weekly)
  • 52 payments per year (weekly)
  • 365.25 payments per year (daily)
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