What user adjustments are available in the Salary vs. Dividend Worksheet?

Andrew Skujins -

Examples of user adjustments available in the Salary vs. Dividend Worksheet are as follows:
  • Adjustments to corporate taxes can be made
  • If the corporation has additional GRIP from which eligible dividends can be paid, the balance of dividends can be adjusted accordingly
  • Additional credits that can be claimed should be specified in the “Other marginal credits” or “Other adjustment” section of the federal or provincial calculation
  • Special provincial credits need to be specified manually, if applicable (e.g. Yukon Canada employment amount, Manitoba family tax benefit)
  • Unusual items, such as tax reductions and amounts based on family net income, can be specified manually if applicable (generally only in low-income scenarios, e.g. provincial tax reductions, the Working Income Tax Benefit, Northwest Territories’ payroll tax)
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